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Aww Shift

May 21, 2021

In this episode, our guest is Matt Deutschman, Founder of Doubletake Promotional Marketing. Armed with the values and open-mindedness imbued to him as a child, Matt is inclined to make an excellent example for his children. His current success and upbringing are the result of his deep passion for preserving filial piety and transparency. Matt shares with us how he leveraged his journalism experience to marketing, how he views the world, and most importantly - the legacy he wanted his children to inherit.

[02:19] Why should we listen to you?

Everything I say comes from the heart. I speak with my mind, and I say what I feel. I am someone you can take from face value.

[03:06] History of Upbringing

It has a lot to do with my parent’s influence. My father ran a family business while my mother was a teacher. Both of them have a strong work ethic, and we had a rapport in our home. We communicate with one another well, and that builds my strong relationship with them. I was cultivated and encouraged to be open and free, leading to my current upbringing.

[05:10] Journalism to Marketing

When I was young, I decided to go into journalism because of my admiration for Peter Jennings on ABC News. I wanted to be like him, and that’s the start of my journey. I was an editor of our school newspaper in high school, then went for a journalism major in college. My father decided to move his factory, and he was looking for assistance. I worked for him for a year, and I did not like what I was doing. I want to engage people, make conversations, meet with people, and not do paperwork in the background.

[07:52] World’s View & Mindset

I’ll be sitting and watching TV with my wife, and during commercial breaks, I make comments about who the target market is. I could tune out the show, but my analytical mind switches whenever I see advertisements if I am in an event or anywhere.

[09:52] In journalism, we ask a lot of questions to people every day. We try to get their perspective on the brand, the product, etc. We have to understand the brand so that we can find ways to resonate with the audience.

[13:09] Life-Lessons & Purpose

If I am a slave for my own company, then what is the purpose of being self-employed? That was the moment where I decided to restructure my company differently and give myself more time and flexibility. I made it my mission to spend time with my family as much as possible.

[17:14] My business’s drive is to create a life where I can devote my time to my family. Any business decisions that I make should align with my guiding purpose. If a business decision will negatively affect my ability to prioritize my family, it is a horrible business decision.

[21:15] Legacy for the Children

I strongly believe in making an example of myself. Loving my wife and showing it to my children. I want my son to grow up someday and be a man who deserves a woman like her and knows how to treat her. I want my daughter to grow eventually with the assurance and confidence to deserve a man like what I try to become. If I put that first, everything else will come into place. It is not about their career choice or their successes, but I want to set an example so they can live with integrity.

[26:01] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

That my children will grow up understanding what it means to be deeply imperfect, live a life with integrity, and do what is right.

Key Quotes:

[14:27 – 14:38] “I am a perfectionist; a control freak, and it is extremely difficult to relinquish my reins to someone else.”

[16:32 – 16:36] “We all have our different strengths, and it is fine if I am not the best in my organization.”


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