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Aww Shift

Jul 26, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Mel Abraham, a CPA, he’s been an entrepreneur since he was 11 years old. And he’s a professional who has the ability to break your neck without you even realizing it.   

[9:48] Why should we listen to you?

From my perspective, it's just the journey that I've been on. The lessons that I've learned that I think people are struggling with today, especially in the time that we're in the uncertainty and the pandemic and all these things that we actually got thrown into, where, where things happened in our lives over the last 12 months or the last nine months. However, we want to look at it that we never imagined what happened, and yet we feel blindsided by it. But hopefully what it does is it lights a fire underneath us to realize this stuff can happen. Life can take a left turn on you, but if you run your life differently if you run your life properly, it doesn't have to hurt it.

[14:23] How do you do business? 

It allows you freedom because I truly believe that most people are not looking for wealth. They're looking for richness and that richness is the experience and the feelings and the people that you get a chance to spend this life with. And so I think that was the first turning point that that got me to start focusing and doing my business and my finance.

[16:21] I'm going to fight this fight. But in order to do that, I knew that I had to extract myself from the business. I had to pull myself from the other things that were at the top of the list that I thought were so important. And the luxury I had was this is I knew that I was going to deal with cancer. 

[17:25] What kind of brought me to this space, to start walking and talking about this whole idea of this journey that I've been on for 30 plus years, my son has been on he's 30 years old now and his wife and the clients and the COO and the folks that I work with one-on-one and in my programs is just to get them to understand the importance of doing that and give them control back of their financial destiny.

[18:45] How do you bring this forth to the world what kind of entrepreneurs are the best fit for us?

A lot of the entrepreneurs and folks that I work with are people in the online space. Just because I happen to be there in the service space, attorneys, accountants, and service price. There’s a fair number of entrepreneurs out there that are making money based on their expertise. They're making money based on their efforts and their actions and the things that they put in play. And they create this income flow. This cash flow that's coming in based on them running on the treadmill.

[21:51] How do you get people to shift their perspective? 

The very first principle that I talk about when I speak or even in some of it is that it's more important to understand your why. 

[27:06] How do you make this real for folks?

 The overarching idea is I want people to become affluent entrepreneurs.

[29:06]  I want the freedom of money, but more importantly, I want freedom of time. I want the ability to make sure that you have the ability to choose. You have the ability to choose how you're going to use your time. You're going to buy your time back.

Key Quotes:

[28:05-28:08] “It's who we become in the process. The impact.”