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Aww Shift

Sep 29, 2021

In today's episode, our guest is Sean Matson, Co-Founder & CEO of MATBOCK, a company run by retired Navy SEALS and whose staff are also former US Military Veterans.

[8:22] Why should we listen to you?

I enjoy authentic conversations with people and sharing what's passionate to me. For me, it's my work, my working out, and my family. I want my work to impact wherever we're doing with our work, I want to inspire other people to work out and be better. And then for my family, trying to push them and lead them as husband and father, to be the best versions of themselves. 

[11:18] What are some of the things that you could have done that much blown your life up?

I didn't have the best father, and my mom entirely raised me. And so before I had that was kind of always in the back of my head, I must be a dad. I had to realize that that train has to keep moving. If that train stops, because I get off, we got more significant problems. It was also the same thing that was reassuring to know now that I'm not there anymore, they could continue to do what they need to do, and they don't need me. I wanted to be the guy leading. I liked when I was in the I'm an officer. So I was naturally in a leadership position. I loved being with my guys and doing everything with guys into and pouring my heart and making sure that I've going to bring these guys home.

[14:55] Sean’s company and what he does

Matbock’s name comes with my business partner and my last name. My last name is Matson, and his last name is Steinbach, and we both went through SEAL training. We created this product initially, thought we were going to sell it to a company and license it, and figured give it to someone else, let them do it, we'd make all the money off of the royalties. We know that we're always getting high-quality products because they are on the front line like we can tap into them. There's never a shortage of ideas. There's always a shortage, but it's a good one. The company also gives close to 10 times the typical 510 percent royalty on an idea from a veteran or police officer.


[16:53] When we built the company of MatBock, the idea was to hire a guy similar to me to come in and be an r&d guy and pay him 100, 150, $200,000 a year to do that position. But after six months, 12 months, it is no longer relevant. Because again, that train is kept ongoing, it's moving, and he does have experience. But he's not going to know the latest trend. Tapping into resources has been our kind of bread and butter to that and how we've created that.

[18:02] Vision or passionate idea to be like an entrepreneur

In 2006, Zach and I flew from San Diego to Alaska to do our advanced cold-weather training. It's an eight-hour flight on the back of C 130 military aircraft. And it took 30 of our hours to build and load all our cargo onto the pallet. And we're sitting there just like there's got to be a better way. So we redesign this entire cargo net system. We got a patent for it. We've only sold like one of them now and then, like, ten plus years. It's been ours. It was our worst product ever. But what it ultimately did for us was we stayed laser focus on that one product to get it to market. And now we can get what that took us years to get that to call in a few months to get a product to market, a process in place.

 [26:25] The rise of Superman

It's all about flow state how you get your body into the flow. The cool thing is they use a lot of examples of like extreme sports athletes and talk about how they get to that flow state.

[27:35] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

That no matter what, I'm true to me, and that I will always be transparent and lead whoever's with me, in the place that not only we should be going, but I'm going to be going.

Key Quotes

[23:10 - 23:14] number one reason companies go out of business is they choke on their own success.


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