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Aww Shift

Jun 6, 2023

Welcome to the AwwShift podcast, where we bring you the stories of extraordinary individuals who have impacted the world. Today, we are honored to host a true force of inspiration, Jay Fantom. Jay, is a young entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, speaker, and writer. His relentless dedication to becoming his best version shines through in everything he does. Jay's authenticity, honesty, love, kindness, and pursuit of excellence are evident in his daily endeavors. Jay has showcased his exceptional storytelling skills at the helm of The Story Box, a highly acclaimed podcast. With over 600+ episodes, he has unraveled the narratives of high-profile leaders from diverse fields. From Tony Robbins and Matthew McConaughey to Mel Robbins and Rachel Bilson, Jay has had the privilege of delving into the lives of remarkable individuals.

Join us on this episode of the AwwShift podcast as we dive deep into the journey of Jay Fantom. Prepare to be inspired by his remarkable achievements and the transformative stories he has unearthed. Get ready to shift your perspective and embrace the extraordinary with Jay Fantom.

Why should I listen to you?

It is good. I can be an exciting person. If someone is interested in me, I ask deep and meaningful questions at the beginning of the conversation. I may look for an overview as I don’t know you. I asked a random question from a person I met on a train. Do you have regrets in life?

You have a huge curiosity and the desire to go past the norm of the discomfort of talking to a stranger. Have you ever broken that rule? How was that nature neatly built?

When I was a kid, I always used to raise questions from the elders regarding what I was curious. Sometimes they got annoyed thinking about why this kid asked such questions. However, out of curiosity, I have done so many risky things by myself to quench my curiosity. Because of that, my mother advised me there is no necessity to talk to strangers, and there is possible danger. But I did not end up there, and some people enabled me to ask many questions about people they trusted and respected the most. The love for the people, their stories, and the books have always been with me. They helped me foster a child's genuine curiosity and the ability to ask questions.

What was your journey on the point to desire to help the people, and what prompted this direction of profession where you serve people?

I never thought I would be doing what I am doing today. I wanted to be a filmmaker, and my career path had been filmmaking since childhood. I wanted to be the next Steven Spielberg. Everything I talked was revolving around films and film direction. I found fine scripts and turned them into movies with meaningful messages. However, a part of me wanted to help the world, to make others understand the different values I grew up with through the essence of storytelling. However, my life did not end as I wanted it to happen. Now, I am on a completely different pathway doing different jobs, such as looking after kids and helping disabled people. Therefore there was a gigantic block on the way to my film direction career.

What was the moment that kind of unfolded here?

It was me in 2019 being broken to the point of getting my hands on my knees and feeling like I could no longer go and live anymore. There was an attempt to end my life in June of 2019. I also talked about this in the book “God Intervened,” in that instance, he saved me from taking my life. He put me in the best possible path. When I was knocked down, there were so many moments I was beaten down and didn’t know what I was doing then. However, now I continue to move forward. Earlier, I never got excited when a challenge came my way. Now I get eager to learn through the challenges and know their importance in improving my growth and strength. Through challenges, you learn so much about yourself. The choice is in our hands. Most people decide to be stuck and stay in pain out of fear. How I survived and overcame when I lost what I valued the most in 2019 is encouraging me progressively up to now.

You had a complete storm in your life. You decided to move positively as an intentional act at some point, right? I had been in misery for months under depression, attempting suicide, and abusing my job. It was time for me to leave the job and seek another. During my job interview with the CEO of a large company, he asked me only one question, “Why do you want to work here,” and my response was, “I just wanna help people.” During the return journey, I thought about how to help people and my life is not on the right track. Then I wanted to change my life in a proper direction. Long after that, he helped me find myself and my purpose: to live and live this life in the best way I can to distinguish between I am Vs. I do. A lot of people get confused about these two. Who you are has nothing to do with what you do, as they are entirely different situations. Who you are reflects your character, beliefs, and values, and these characteristics affect your actions. All those times, I had been missing who I am.

How did you become “I am” when knowing the things you have to do aren’t what you typically do?

Earlier, everything I did was revolving around filmmaking. Every job taught me a unique lesson about people and life. After deciding to be who I am, I understood that anyone can change whenever they want. After figuring out my values and beliefs, I wanted to consider new ways and career paths that mostly align with myself.

As we get older and do more things, we get tired and forget after a while that we are supposed to see everything and that life is full of fillings. I won’t be able to see the bigger picture. Then you don’t want to go and change into who you are. What do you think?

Some people may already know who they are. So anyone can change their career. Creativity can create more options if you know who you are and what you want to do. Don’t be subjected to blinded by just one thing.

What about finding outside sources such as mentors and coaches who had done this before to feed us inside? Reading books can be helpful, and how do you fit in there? 

My second book, “The Path of an Eagle,” is for people who feel stuck and can’t move forward. Seeing someone else who has been through a similar struggle and then moved forward successfully inspires others as a positive example. First, look at the macro and then the micro without complicating the situation. If you ask, “What is stopping me from doing what was effective for someone,” the answer should be, “If he can do it, then I can do it too.” Earlier, I also didn’t believe my book would be published. However, I could post the book after going through the necessary steps.

After reading this book, what will I have in my knowledge?

I hope you understand your worth, identity and how you see challenges from different perspectives. I had gone through a lot of suffering in my life. Therefore, I want others to learn something from this book, see the challenges, and become stronger. I assume “The Path to the Eagle” is a unique healing path for the ones who want to raise like eagles. Publishing a person’s story that has not been publicly shared may help others struggling. The sense of community, bonding, and belonging is our story.

What’s your next stage in serving humanity?

I’m working on another book at the moment, and it’s regarding unboxing stories. It will help people to unbox their own stories. Some people may think their story has no value, but I’m here to show them each level has value and help them share it.

Where can people get access to the podcast or the book?

They can reach through any podcast platform or check out the book on Amazon and The Story Box website.

What promise did god make to the world when he created you?

That is a good question. Here lies a persistent, courageous authentic storyteller who gave his all and lived for Christ.


Key Quotes


“Be alive and live this life in the best way possible to distinguish between I am vs. I do.”

“Through challenges, you learn a lot about yourself.”


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