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Aww Shift

Jan 17, 2022

In this episode, we have invited Wyle McGraw. He is a Performance Accelerator and the Founder of Radical Performance Acceleration. For over a decade, Wyle works behind the scenes doing life-altering work with powerful CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and public figures across industries—accelerating their performance personally and professionally. Today, Wylie will share how you can take your personal and professional life to the next level.

[2:31] Why should we listen to you

You should listen to me because I got a fantastic story. My purpose and passion for my work are to transform the paradigm of high performance and leadership development. And through my crazy life experiences, I’ve discovered this uncanny ability to erupt and eradicate stresses and unleash the untapped potential of high achievers. So my work is specifically for those leaders that need that elite environment to stretch their capacity and optimize themselves both personally and professionally. I’ve curated my business and skill for the last 13 years. Giving real-world challenges to leaders who are willing to do whatever it takes to blow past their limits and reach optimal levels of success. 

[6:11] What is the common theme you observe people battle?

The common theme I’ve noticed is people are designed to find the path of least resistance. We are designed to find ways to create comfort for ourselves. People tend to overlook life’s experiences that have caused the biggest negative impacts in their life. They tend to avoid them, overlook, or ignore them. And they feel that there’s a way for them to reach high levels of success while still carrying around all of that unresolved darkness that still resides within them.

[7:17] People, especially high achieving leaders, build their empires with chaos and stress as foundation. And they have done everything they can to accomplish as much as they want, but they’re still left unfulfilled and looking for more.

[7:44] How do you navigate past the egos?

There’s a difference between helping and optimizing. Optimization requires something completely different than the traditional helping systems and fields that are out there. Though, there’s nothing wrong with them because they create a movement for people. But if you want to optimize yourself, you have to be willing to create new dramatic experiences with someone who knows how to get into the trenches with you, challenge you, and push you beyond those limits.

[9:09] What are the roadblocks most people wouldn’t know that they could climb over faster?

Mindset first and willingness to put yourself in those radical unconventional challenges that stretch you stretch your capacity. We all have different levels of capacity. The masses themselves are in one place, but high performers are high-achieving leaders with a completely different capacity. Each resource needs to meet people where they’re at with their capacity. And people need to look at the things that they least expect that are holding them back. When you look at certain dynamics you have in your life, and you start paying attention to whether or not they are uplifting you, there are things within that could affect your performance and ability to rise to the next level.

[11:43] What are the things you go to see things you may not be aware of?

Describing what specifics happen with clients is impossible because everybody has their own unique set of challenges and setbacks that they’re unaware of.

[12:18] When working with high-powered leaders, I try to understand that their personal and professional lives are not mutually exclusive. It’s about delving into how all of that overlaps and how it affects their optimization ability. But as I do work with people, I can’t specifically give unique challenges that everybody will go through. It’s always different from each relationship that I have with my clients.

[13:31] Taking the Leap

People say they want it, but when it comes to accepting that challenge towards it, they tend to make up these reasons or excuses. If something feels uncomfortable regarding your personal growth, you need to step towards it. You need to jump fearlessly.

[13:57] When I show up in a leader’s life, it’s the right time for them to make that decision to jump. And if they’re not ready to jump, they’re never going to be ready to jump. So I look at it that way where if there’s anything that’s coming up for you when it comes to your growth, you have to look at how it uplifts you. It can feel like it can be the thing that could take you to the next level. But it will challenge you in ways you never had. You need to start to feel the pullback and take the opportunity to step towards it. 

[15:24] What are the outcomes you get to experience in helping people?

I wake up every day looking at how leadership causes more detriment in our world today than to benefit, especially with politicians and people worldwide. I’m just driven to get to those groups of leaders who want to live life on their terms to feel a sense of peace and freedom that they longed for. I want them to lead from a place of balance and become the most optimized version where not one aspect of their life is sacrificed, stress, pain, or suffering.

[16:50] My business is the antithesis of what typical businesses are. I built it on purpose, where my focus is on the leader. All I care about is the handful of leaders that I get to support and push to a completely different level. So when I get to go to bed at night, and I’m exhausted, I feel great about that exhaustion.

[17:18] Focusing on Leaders

The typical paradigm is “How do you scale? How do you grow?” And I’m not built for that. I’m not made for the masses but for the high-capacity, high-achieving leader. For the last 12 years, I’ve been behind the scenes unknown, with no following and no community because it’s all about focusing on the person I’m working with. It’s all about that privacy and intimacy that they need to take their game to the next level as a leader to go out and create a bigger impact in the world.

[19:19] Acceleration

Get acceleration and get out of your way. I don’t need to spend years with you. I’m not going to have you rely on coaching for the long haul. This shouldn’t be a marathon but a sprint. We are very dynamic and intimate in what we do in a short period. I get you at the top of your game and keep you there. Then I get out of your way so you can go off and do even more badass stuff.

[21:13] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I was brought into this world to bring real transformation and healing to people in positions of power. Transformation is dark, ugly, and uncomfortable. It doesn’t happen in the bright lights of the stage or through a book. It happens in the dark corners. I knew that and discovered more of it at a young age as I grew through those personal challenges from sports to writing to the military and beyond. I started to formally study and understand more about all of those things that can optimize someone.

Key Quotes:

[13:31 – 13:37] “If something feels very uncomfortable when it comes to your personal growth, you need to step towards it. You need to embrace it and fearlessly just jump.”

[13:57 – 14:01] “When something shows up in your life, you need to take the opportunity to jump.”

[16:15 – 16:23] “My business is the antithesis of what typical businesses are. I built it on purpose that way where my focus is on the leader, first and foremost.”

[23:29 – 23:55] “You got to face your demons if you want to accelerate your performance to the highest levels. You have to look at those unresolved truths or realities that are holding you back. Those are the things that are hindering you and not adding more things into your life, hoping that that somehow builds you up to a level of success you desire.”


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