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Aww Shift

Mar 15, 2022

You must take chances to transform your life. You attain your objectives by taking risks. It’s difficult to imagine yourself failing during the process, but it’s more difficult to regret not trying in the first place. Craig Siegel discusses fundamental components of life that we must remember entirely and why we should never lose hope in the face of adversity and welcome difficulties.

Gift of Communication

[04:39] I believe that one of my greatest gifts is the habitual capacity to communicate and have things registered in a way that you and your audience agree throughout this conversation. That you don’t just want to hear it, but you want to encourage inspired action immediately.

[06:21] Everyone believes that I was always enthusiastic and passionate, but the reality is that I was not. It took 35 years for me to discover myself. As I grew older, I was constantly pursuing something and believed there was something more out there for me, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I discovered that personal development is not always indicative of who we can become. I began delving deeper and realizing that we can alter our associations with pain and pleasure, that we have options and can change our perspective. And I began to develop confidence and discover myself.

Wall Street Journey

[10:29] It was first quite enjoyable and was a thrilling experience. I was in finance to make money and suddenly, it ceased to be enjoyable. So, to say, the worry began to outweigh the joy. And thus, while remaining on Wall Street, I established my own business. In essence, we sold loans and cash to enterprises around the country. However, albeit less stressful, the second one had the opposite effect of setting my soul on fire. It felt like I was waking up every day and heading to work. That is not how life should be, as we always choose.

[12:16] I’d been miserable for years, and I despised the direction I was taking. I wasn’t even in love with myself. I didn’t enjoy waking up every day, and I was genuinely miserable, and I accept whole accountability for that since everyone has a choice. I became entangled in the rat race. I know I am meant for something greater, to make a difference, to make a mark in the cosmos, to do something extraordinary.

[14:26] People constantly ask me whether I was afraid to leave a secure position and start something new. This is somewhat complicated. However, once I identified the CLS concept and vision, the most significant concern was failing to take that shot and returning to a job that made me miserable. Now that I finally got some clarity after 35 years of searching for myself, I was like, let’s do this. And I developed a comprehensive plan vision. After that, I began reverse engineering it and so on.


[15:19] Everyone appears to believe that this is what precisely I was born to accomplish. And, fortunately, it’s a nice fit. Additionally, those that consume the content may not necessarily collaborate with me, and however, they are inspired and elevated by merely viewing the content. As a result, many people who previously worked with me are delighted and supportive.

[17:12] I recognized that it could fail. I could live with that, but I could not live with not taking a shot and returning to be miserable. I have entirely disassociated myself from my old business on Wall Street dealing with loans and such. As if I were publishing content. I had a strategy. I was generating that Hollywood excitement and people began to appreciate it, share it, and so on.

[18:20] There was some danger in the beginning because when you start something new, you don’t make money immediately, but I just purchased and bought, working 20-hour days. I adore this material. To me, this does not work. And this is the first time I’ve ever felt this align in this manner. We’re like, “Yes, this is what exactly I should be doing.” As an entrepreneur, and let me state unequivocally, it never goes straight up. There are setbacks, heartbreaks, and such things. However, for the most part, I was hell-bent on seeing things through, even if it didn’t work out.

[21:01] When I had that moment, at the outset of the epidemic, and gained clarity about my gifts and passion, I founded the CLS brand. CLS is an abbreviation for “Create Enduring Symphony.” Additionally, it’s a play on my initials. Symphony has always stood out to me. When I think about Symphony, I immediately envision an orchestra of musicians playing in time. I wanted it to be the last thing, like changing people’s thoughts and viewpoints on what they are capable of, which is less lasting. That was the moniker.


Personal Growth and Development

[21:52] When I considered CLS, I thought, “Okay, so how does this look?” Because I am a firm believer in the maxim that if you are going to think, you may as well think large. Unless that is the case, what is the point? I viewed CLS as the apple of personal development, the market leader, and even if you’re an Android user, you have to appreciate Apple for what they’ve accomplished. I responded, “How does that appear in the human form?”

[28:44] I realize how courageous it is to be vulnerable in front of strangers on social media, as it is something I would have never considered before to CLS. When I first grasped the CLS vision, I recognized that transparency was an integral component of the process. This is a no-judgment zone before charging and all that.

[30:10] Individuals always ask me, and I joke that my CLS audience is more diversified than my Wall Street audience; it’s people from all walks of life. Everybody shares a common denominator- growth. Everybody wants to develop as a human being, whether it’s through relationships, entrepreneurship, business, or fitness. People want to be around others who are willing to challenge themselves and be around big thinkers attempting to move the paradigm. If I had to pick one group that I believe represents the most significant number, I would say wannabe entrepreneurs.

[32:47] After all, it’s about the thoughts. The majority of us have disempowering ideas throughout the day, and if people practice awareness and mindfulness, they recognize that they have all these limiting beliefs as a result of unconsciously feeding themselves disempowering and negative thoughts. And as we become conscious of this and can replace disempowering thoughts with positive, constructive ones, they spontaneously generate new beliefs, mostly self-belief. These self-beliefs result in new habits and actions, ultimately creating a new world and new results.


[33:29] Gratitude. Simply by changing your perspective to one of appreciation, you’re no longer as furious or miserable as people believed you were. You can only choose one frequency. I want to add kindness to that list because doing a kind deed increases serotonin levels in the brain. And it is the natural process of producing happiness and bliss. But here’s the kicker: when you perform a good act for someone, not only do you receive serotonin, but the recipient does as well. Appreciation and kindness are beneficial.

[35:27] Maintain complete mindfulness and awareness of your thoughts. Thoughts are random, and not everyone understands that this is scientific. Throughout the day, I encounter an abundance of unpleasant thoughts. Once you become conscious of this, you can go back in and be more selective about who you allow in or who you want to leave. And as you begin to construct new thinking, you inevitably establish new beliefs, and people’s lives immediately change. The primary factor that prevents people from taking positive action or doing great things is a lack of belief in their ability or fear and uncertainty. The kicker is that we were not born with dread and doubt or negative beliefs. 

[38:38] I’ve been skeptical. Before the marathon, I began delving deeply into quantum physics. In essence, I could obtain the Starlin without engaging in physical activity and run faster than I had ever read in my life. And it just does not happen without physical training unless you are operating on a different frequency.

[39:10] Within us is energy, and everything is energy, particularly our ideas. Thus, our ideas are electrical signals that we send out to the cosmos; this is the power of intention. And that is how the law of attraction works for me: you must first have an aim, then alter your thoughts about what is achievable, which alters your habits, and you work your way toward that goal.

Validation and Affirmation

[45:39] When I was younger, I used to seek approval in the form of things I desired, such as a flashy automobile or a great watch. And, similarly, I desired validation. However, I now see that I was so devoid of myself as if I had a completely different personality. Nowadays, I feel validated through contribution when I make an impression on someone, and they return to provide a testimonial. In any event, when someone returns with evidence of the impact I had, I know I made a difference. That is how I view validation in the modern-day.

[47:27] Make people feel happy as if there is something more available to them. And it is attainable. Thus, when I was created, this vessel was already inhabited by this soul and spirit, and it may have taken me a little longer to find it out. However, you must go through experiences that truly mold and develop your character as part of life.

[49:52] For the benefit of everyone listening. Ask yourself three questions. Why you are not included? Why you are not included? Because it’s not about pretending to be someone else, but rather realizing that you have the potential to control your thoughts and create new beliefs. There is practically nothing you cannot accomplish. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself these three simple questions—why not you?

Key Quotes:

[25:50 – 25:58] “I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m not everyone’s glass of whiskey. It is what it is, and I’m as real, raw, and authentic as I’ve ever been in my life.”

[17:19 - 17:23] “I understood that there’s a possibility that it could fail, but I could live with that. What I could not live with is not taking a shot going back and being miserable.”


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