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Aww Shift

May 3, 2022

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Robbin. She is a Pharmacist, entrepreneur, podcaster, and social media influencer who encourages fitness and full expression through her brand. Robbin uses her knowledge in the medical field to create amazing products for fitness and also add value to others through her social media platforms.

Dr. Robbin has successfully combined the medical field and social media to influence lives positively. She has created something great in life and still doing that. Today, she shares her journey of being a pharmacist, social media influencer, and adding value to others.


[3:05] Why should we listen to you?


I am a product of my environment and living has made me gain experience. If I’m going to talk to you or share advice, it is going to be about something that I know. We live in a world where people try many things which I have done too but the most important thing is trying and succeeding and this can only happen with discipline and consistency.


[4:42] Where did Dr. Robbin begin?


I love medicine and have always been good at science so I started working as a pharmacist technician. I was good at graphic design, and website building so social media came naturally to me. There is a difference between being an influencer and being influential so I take my time to give back to students by adding value to them and also mentoring them.


[9:00] Did you know you were going to step out and do socials or did it just happen?


It's funny I have the same amount of experience and ambitions as a social media influencer and a pharmacist because I did everything at the same time from high school to now.

You must have leadership qualities to apply to medical school, which prompted me to launch a business of which I was the owner and which also served as a platform for community development.


[12:33] What are your intentions when bringing up content?


I think it is important to create organic content. Videos are also a way of showing who you are and this is so evident. Your followers want to know you, they want to know what you can offer them and before you can achieve this, you have to put yourself out. I would advise anyone to make use of reels, trending audios, and hashtags, and also have something educational to teach.


[14:08] What was the building of your brand and how do you get to it?


 It came to me as a vision. Some people go to pharmacy school to become pharmacists, while others want to use their skills to help the business grow.

For me, it's the other way around as I consider how I might use my understanding of medicinal ingredients to create things that can change people's lives. I'm a busy professional who understands that most people don't have time to look out for themselves. So, I created the face wipe product to streamline the routine of skincare and fitness.





[16:30]  What are the things you’ve gone through to keep this business running?


 This is the most difficult for me. All because of what I do, it appears to be a full-time job; I manage everything myself, including social media, advertising, and everything else, but that's something I'd like to change this year. It's also crucial to have someone on your team who believes in you. It's not a good option to hire folks that don't share your vision. You can’t do everything. Work hard, gain new skills, and hire someone to do the work for you.


[18:08] How do you know when it’s time to bring a team on?


I would say when you are into the product business. You need more hands. You will want to add more aspects like a newsletter and this will require a marketing person. How fast you want to go will determine if you need someone or not.


[29:54]  How do you make someone attached to your brand?


It is not about the title but what you represent. If you know a specific field well enough and you educate your followers, they will become attached to you. People are paying attention to great content and they will become attached to you if you can offer that. Add value to them. Be a big supporter of them. Continue creating content so that you can be seen.


[34:00]  What is that abundance you are trying to get for your audience?


The first is to allow people to have the same transformation that I do. When I was in pharmacy school, I took discipline from it and I applied that in everything that I do. So, my mission is not only to create but give people the opportunity to coach them, communicate with them, live calls and all. In short, build a healthy relationship with me.


[42:20] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?


I believe God made a promise of representation. A lot of young women get scared of their profession because they don’t feel like they can be themselves but it is not that way for me.


I am living on the belief that you can successfully graduate, be a doctor and also live all your dream. You can be anything. You can use all the talents that God has given you. Don’t let anybody put you in the box. You can be whatever you want to be.


Key Quotes 

If you want to bring someone to your team, you must have expectations. Make sure you are on the same page and that they believe in your vision. Working with someone that does not believe in you or your business is a disaster.

Discipline is something you must apply in every aspect of your life. It is part of having an accountability partner, a mentor, and a coach.

Use everything you have and do your thing. Believe in yourself and hold on to the inner power within you. Do your thing differently and stand out

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