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Aww Shift

Feb 19, 2021

What is Patriarchy Stress Disorder? What is the reason everyone has it? PSD talked about much, but it is an issue we should give attention to. Either you are a man or a woman, it’s possible you may have it but don’t be alarmed because we can heal from it and today’s guest has the cure for that. Dr. Valerie Rein is a women’s mental health expert and her main goal is to help people achieve the best mental health. She is a psychologist best known for discovering Patriarchy Stress Disorder and today, she will share with us all about PSD and what we can do as a man or woman to heal from it.

[6:26] Why should we listen to you?

I discovered patriarchy stress disorder. This is the invisible trauma of oppression that everyone has, but nobody has talked about. People wonder what’s wrong with them and the answer is nothing. We inherited this trauma of oppression that lives in ourselves and it shows up in how we think, how we act, the choices we make, and it's not our fault. We didn’t make it but we can heal it.

[7:26] It has unhooked me from things that conventional psychology, therapy, or self-help was helpless to help me with years of incapacitating anxiety and depression. That’s what I’m inspired and happy to talk about now why this thing is so important how it can change lives.

[9:04] Patriarchy Stress Disorder and being a Woman

This trauma is intergenerational and that means that it's more than we have experienced in this lifetime and we have inherited a lot.

[10:13] PSD is women fearing the smell of cherry blossoms and what that is for women is anything that puts us in our power, our authentic self-expression, our sexuality, our knowledge, or fully shining in the world, all of that steps over that line of what has been allowed to women under patriarchy because being in our power has been a punishable offense.

[14:03] How do we approach the conversation of Oppression?

Start with awareness and having conversations that change the lands from a woman being caught in this trap of thinking something is wrong with them. They need to fix themselves to identify that they’ve inherited it and it’s not their fault.

[14:58] We start with understanding what is getting in the way is not a character flaw, it's not that we’re holding ourselves back but it’s something in our nervous system. And we can heal it, we have that healing technology and it's grounded in epigenetics, neuroscience, biology, psychology, and it actually works rapidly that one of the keys to that technology is rewiring the nervous system to the feeling of safety and embodying it.

[15:56] What really matters is that yes, it can be healed and we can stop that intergenerational transmission of trauma in one generation. We have scientific evidence of that too when one generation heals, the next generation is free from the trauma.

[17:18] Feminism and Patriarchy

Feminism as a word is triggering too as a word because people mean different things. When I say patriarchy, I don't mean men and when I say men, I don't mean patriarchy. When I say patriarchy, it’s a system of inequality and oppression that has been in existence for a long time.

[18:27] We got to start undoing and dismantling these things somewhere and feminism has been this movement that has been bringing to the forefront of people's awareness that the radical idea that women are equal to men. That's what Feminism is all about.

[18:53] We got to start somewhere. We start with these conversations and we approach them humbly, understanding that we all have tons of unconscious biases and uncovering them is not always pleasant. It is shocking and unpleasant, but it's necessary for healing.

[19:37] Patriarchy is a system and people across the gender spectrum are supporting this system. The mind-blowing realization is understanding that women uphold patriarchy, perhaps even more so than men.

[21:51]  If we get men, women, and people across the gender spectrum to see the invisible, to see how that operates in our subconscious, to see how that shows up in our behavior, choices, thoughts, and relationships, then we can dismantle the upholding.

[24:09] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I want to say awakening. Seeing the invisible, helping people see the invisible so that they can do the impossible, and coming to a greater balance.

Key Quotes:

[20:58-21:04] “Women uphold the patriarchy because it has been essential for women's survival.”

[21:59-22:02] “We must see the invisible to do the impossible.”

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