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Aww Shift

Jan 22, 2021

In today’s episode, our guests are Daniel Moscowitz and Elliot Bayev. Daniel is in sales
and has been able to create a business privately, and held $30 million in sales and B2B
sales. He has grown an eight-figure privately held company. Elliot is an individual that
has 30 plus years of experience in martial arts. He is a second-degree black belt in jiu-
jitsu. Today, we’re going to break down the concept they’ve come up with.
[8:22] How did Daniel and Elliot come together?
I run a program for entrepreneurs called mastermind BJJ. That's a private training group
just for entrepreneurs. Someone invited Daniel and throughout his first class, every
once in a while, his eyes would just light up. As we went to brunch, he would share that
so much of what I was sharing was so aligned with his sales philosophy and what he
teaches. As we kept talking, it just kind of unfolded that there was this amazing overlap,
and anyone who does that, who knows that, applies to other areas of life.
[10:32] Off shift moment
For me, it was taking an element of actual training and bringing it into my sales. That
was a shift for me.
[12:24] We mapped out the system that the whole structure is based on a four-step
process designed to help you win jujitsu competitions. There's a synergy that I didn't
[13:37] Part of the book that will help people
You could sell to somebody and have an engagement of sales that actually leaves them
better off than when you found them. There is this mud that is thrown on salespeople
oftentimes. People use sales to sell to people stuff they don’t need
[14:42] Jiu-Jitsu is all about not hurting people You can choose to hurt somebody if you
need to, but you can win without ever hurting somebody. That’s what really attracted me
to it. When you go through the whole book as a whole system, it's really designed
around increasing your conversion rates without ever doing in a slimy or sleazy and
really not being able to hurt anybody while doing it.
[16:57] Is the book for everybody?
Whether you're a solopreneur, you have a small sales team or a large sales team. This
book is going to show you what steps to take to close people. It's designed as a system
of a cursive system that plays upon itself.

[18:54] The reason to start a school in the first place was to position myself so I can
make this difference. It’s been wonderful to kind of meet Daniel who's very strong on the
practical side and this book definitely wouldn't have come together without him.
[19:56] What was the thing that led you to trust to attach your name to a product
We took some time, it was a slow conversation and I think there are always reasons to
not do something. There's always the fear, but I think what matters most is the
aspiration and this vision. I saw his passion for sales as a way to help people. I feel the
same way about jujitsu and about getting these messages out into the world. Taking
your time getting to know someone and really understanding their philosophy and their
goals is the key. As Daniel said, the editing of this book was over a year. Even prior to
that, it was many conversations that led us to even start dictating the book and through
knowing a few mutual people, there's a sense of trust that was built.
[23:04] Can anybody be a salesman?
I've never met an introvert that's a good salesperson. I think you need to have a love of
people. And you need to want to be a really good listener and the other stuff you can
[26:13] Envisioning the impact of the book on people
We know right away that if business owners, directors, sales managers take this and
implement it with their teams, they're going to immediately see increases, 10 to 20% on
their closing rates with their existing traffic.
Key Quotes:
[13:35-13:37] “You can sell to people without ever hurting them.”