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Aww Shift

Mar 2, 2020

The mistake that most people make is assuming that just because their life is one way now that it will be like that. Do not underestimate the power of change. My guest today, Erik Salzenstein, has made it his mission to share his story with the hopes of showing the power of change. Erik found himself down a deep rabbit hole of taking and selling drugs that led him to prison. That was when he received his wake-up call to make the shift that led him to be a successful speaker and coach today. His message is simple. Wake up every day from a place of fulfillment and excitement for the possibilities of life!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Erik’s professional bio and how he got here
  • Not noticing a big transition because it happens slowly
  • Recognizing when you are veering off the right path
  • Turning into someone unrecognizable to survive
  • Learning how to create positive change when you have no idea how
  • Importance of having a gameplan for your journey
  • The hardest parts of staying the course
  • Helping new coaches step into their zone of genius
  • Being humble enough to admit when you need help


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