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Aww Shift

Mar 30, 2020

Life happens. How you respond defines the person that you are. My guest today is Nate Edmonds, a man who has spent his career learning how to serve others, doing anything from sweeping the floor to singing for stadiums of up to 30,000 people. Nate spent 22 years traveling and recording music with everything going according to plan but decided to make a shift to downsize his entire world. Then, life hit him in the gut when his wife was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Life happened to Nate without warning and he had to choose who he wanted to be in that moment going forward. Nate’s wife passed, but the effect that she had on him will last a lifetime! You can read all about Nate’s journey in his book, More Than All The Glories.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Nate’s beginning of the journey that made him who he is
  • The moment that changed Nate’s entire world
  • Bringing the children into what’s happening during a tragedy
  • Letting your heart go to the future after losing a spouse
  • How others react to change from the outside
  • Stepping into the journey that is meant for you
  • Where Nate wants to be 10 years from now
  • Infusing new life to the areas that don’t have life


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Check out Nate’s book, More Than All The Glories!

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