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Aww Shift

Sep 14, 2020

Currently, we as a country are divided like never before, and that only adds on top of the difficulties and challenges that come with life anyway. My guest today is Will Knecht, the Chairman of  Wendell August Forge, an American-made gift manufacturer. In 2010, his factory, corporate headquarters, and flagship retail space burned to the ground, and that’s when Will had his Aw Shift moment. Now, he travels the country as a keynote speaker, using his story to inspire others to get through the fires in their lives and break through those challenges that present themselves!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Why people should listen to Will talk
  • Will tries to give people a different perspective on adversity
  • The Aw Shift moment that changed the course of WAF’s journey
  • Leaders have to portray confidence to those that they lead
  • Magic happens when people believe in each other
  • Adversity forced WAF to think outside the box and that led to massive growth
  • Children are the legacy that parents will leave here on earth
  • People need to come together now more than ever


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Wendell August Forge

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