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Aww Shift

Dec 9, 2020

The thing about health coaches is that for the most part, they are great at servicing their clients but have no idea how to market their businesses. My guest today is Isaiah Grant, the Founder and CEO of the Dream Fitness Client Academy, an organization that works towards helping health coaches scale their businesses while helping as many people as possible. Isaiah had a tough upbringing, being raised in a single-parent low-income household and diagnosed with Diabetes in 8th grade. After surging his way through college and into the corporate world, Isaiah knew he was meant for something more!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Isaiah’s upbringing in a low-income single-parent household
  • Deciding to help health coaches learn how to grow their businesses
  • Roadblocks in the fitness industry that stop Isaiah from helping health coaches
  • Biggest mistakes that Isaiah runs into with entrepreneurs
  • 5 questions that Isaiah asks all entrepreneurs
  • Isaiah’s ultimate goals that drive him to build his business
  • What excites Isaiah about life outside of his business


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Isaiah Grant: DFCA Instagram | Personal Instagram


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