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Aww Shift

May 24, 2022

In this episode, I am humbled to have Erin Skye Kelly. She is an award-winning and bestselling author who has helped thousands of people pay off millions of dollars in consumer debt and ultimately change their lives.


Despite her terrible stage fright and general Canadian awkwardness, she has shared the stage with legendary motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Phil Town, and Gary John Bishop.


Erin's seminars and workshops are judgment-free zones of equal parts personal growth, rock concert, and love. She is hired to work with ordinary humans who want to achieve extraordinary things. Because of her track record of helping people create a trajectory of success, the phrase she most often hears when people meet her for the first time is, "Wow. I thought you'd be taller."


[03:18] Why should we listen to you?


When it comes to finances, the person you should listen to is yourself. Your instincts will always tell you if the financial decisions are correct. Another thing is to research and find resources that connect with your financial situation. They will help you a lot.


[05:57] How do you deal with people in debt/financial instability?

Self-Awareness is the key when you know how to interact with money and how it works all around. It is also essential to understand how the financial systems work and how they are designed to put us in an unhealthy economic environment to make profits.

In this case, I make them look a step back, realize how they got into debt, how the system is designed to get them there, and how to face the situation and change their mindset.

[08:22] How do you take that kind of thing rooted?

Self-awareness is still essential in this part also, knowing what matters more than the other will assist you in staying away from debt. It would help if you also were cautious about what we put on social media because there is no extend to what we can consume. The pressure that comes with social media can highly affect our decisions regarding finances.


[11:00] What is the essential thing that drives your thoughts?

When reality hits you, you open your eyes and see what is important to you. It is the core relationships around me, my kids, the things that are aligned with me, and my spending. Many go through horrible experiences to find their worth which is okay.

[16:43] What is the tie in the book, and how does it help with debts?

The book is about emotional debt that privileged people have on their credit cards, and they don't want to settle, how emotional debt is taking away from life, and when we can reverse engineer it.

The book also talks about removing shame, living authentically, living more interesting, and creating your identity.

[22:07] Erin explains the four categories of experiences

It's basically where you take everything that you do in terms of habit or behavior in a given week. You divide them into four categories.

Class four experiences are things that don't feel good, and they're not good for me.

Class three experiences are things that feel good, but they're not good for me.

Class two experiences are things that might not feel good, but they are suitable for me.

Class one experiences are things that feel good and are suitable for me.

[33:31] How much do you think accountability matters to someone in debt?

Accountability depends on trust. It should always be the person you know and trust. Because laying down your financial status to anyone is not safe. Financial infidelity among partners is normal, and this is because it may not be safe for partners to open up their financials to the other because of their behaviors. And so the accountability.

[41:00] When was the book first written, where did it comes from, and who was it for?

I wrote the book for the 20-year-old version of me that ought not to have gotten into debt in the first place. So the way the book is divided, it's three phases. The first phase is the financial foundation, Understanding how to pull all the pieces together and everything that I wish I had known when I was younger. Phase two talks about consumer debts and paying off debts aggressively and effectively, and finally, phase three words about wealth building.

[47:04] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

Without this question, we all wonder aimlessly, and if you are struggling with money or finances, this question is critical. The promise that God made to the world when He created me is my entire purpose. In the book I have, I say, as I quote, "God, let my life be a love letter to you." The goal is about making everybody feel seen and heard and loved wholly and completely for who they are today and able to call them into who they are created to be.

Key Quotes

[35:23] "Accountability is critical, but it matters who it is."

[38:17] "cutting the expenses is to its lack of mentality and thinking."


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