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Aww Shift

May 2, 2023

In today's episode, our guest is Setema Gali. He is a global keynote speaker, trainer, author and COACH. He is not a “business coach” though he has radically transformed hundreds of companies. He is not a “life coach” though he has radically up-leveled thousands of lives. He is very simply a RESULTS Coach. If there is something that you want and you are truly committed to getting it, Setema is simply and literally the world’s greatest coach to the highly committed. He coaches his clients to create real, radical, and even “impossible” results across all four domains of life: the physical, spiritual, relational and financial. 

[2:50] Why should I listen to you?

I consider myself to be an excellent listener and I enjoy getting to know people wherever I go. I have a passion for what I do, and I believe it is my life's purpose to impact, influence, and inspire people. Helping human beings reach their highest potential is one of my missions on this planet, and I find it\incredibly fulfilling.

[4:00] Were you always a great listener?

I grew up in a large family of nine kids, with older and younger siblings. I read a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People'' by Dale Carnegie, which taught me useful techniques for building relationships. One of the key points was to remember people's names, take a genuine interest in their lives, and learn more about them. I found that this approach really worked for me, and it made me feel good to connect with others. My wife even jokes that I can strike up a conversation with someone in an elevator and have them become my friend by the time we reach the 15th floor. I enjoy getting to know people wherever I go, whether it's at the store or gym, and building meaningful connections with them.

[5:38] Do you mind walking us through the point that led you here?

During my college days, I admired Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Jim Rohn, and their impact on people's lives inspired me. I felt a calling to be a teacher and help people change their lives. After playing in the NFL, I entered the mortgage and real estate industry, where I was successful and made a lot of money. However, I felt unfulfilled and knew that I was meant to do something else. When the recession hit, I lost everything, including my home and businesses, and had to sell my Super Bowl ring for money. I struggled to get my businesses off the ground and eventually filed for bankruptcy. I was depressed and unsure of my purpose until I found a new calling in speaking and helping people solve their problems. Today, I live on a beach in Destin, Florida, and love what I do. Although it was a difficult journey, I'm grateful for the experience and the opportunity to help others.

[17:00] What kind of human would you like to work with?

I coach, build, liberate, and lead leaders, particularly entrepreneurs and business owners. However, anyone who is a leader, whether in their home, organization, or church, can benefit from my services. I work with many women who are making a difference and creating significant results, and I know that by helping one leader, I can positively impact countless people. By assisting a mother who is also a business owner or entrepreneur, we can change the trajectory of an entire generation. I am passionate about serving leaders who are driven to achieve big things and produce meaningful results. 

[18:10] What were the biggest stumbling blocks at the beginning of your work?

One of the major obstacles I encounter when coaching clients, particularly those who are leaders with hundreds or thousands of employees, is that they often don't receive honest feedback or criticism from anyone. As a result, the first thing my team and I do is establish a relationship built on 100% transparency and honesty. I make it clear to my clients that unless they can be completely truthful with me, there's nothing I can do to help them because they'll continue to hide behind a facade. Once they're willing to be honest, however, we can identify and address the real issues holding them back, whether it's problems in their marriage or something else entirely. By being authentic and vulnerable, clients can open themselves up to endless possibilities for growth and success. As a coach, I'm not afraid to speak candidly and use powerful language to push my clients towards their goals, which ultimately leads to smooth sailing.

[21:38] What is your dynamic dance of harmony in your life? 

For me, there are some things that are non-negotiable, such as date night with my wife on weekends and taking my oldest child to early morning seminary at 5:15 am. Afterward, I go to the gym, pick up my two younger daughters and bring them to the office with me every day. We have family vacations planned every year for summer and winter, and we have family prayer and Scripture study every evening. We also have regular family meetings to discuss important topics such as faith, grades, and relationships. I have three sons, and I make sure to have open and honest conversations with them about important topics like sex and pornography. We have agreements in our home instead of expectations, and we function as a team. If I make mistakes as a father, I apologize and move on instead of dwelling on guilt and shame. I prioritize spending quality time with my family by leaving my phone downstairs and being present in the moment. I want my sons to be well-rounded individuals in all aspects of life, including spirituality, physical health, emotional well-being, intellectual growth, and relationships.

[30:23] What do you think are some core elements for people to think about those moments?

I believe that asking the right questions is key to experiencing life with my family in a meaningful way. Questions like "what daily life experiences do I want to have with my sons?" and "How do I want my sons to remember us?" is important. It's not about looking at phones, but about being present and engaged in activities like working out, playing catch, and teaching our children. I recently watched a show with my son and wife, and it made me reflect on how I want to spend my time with my family. With a 16-year-old, 13-year-old, and 18-year-old, my day is divided into four quarters. The first quarter is focused on personal time, studying, and working out. The second quarter is dedicated to my business. The third quarter is for my family, and the fourth quarter is for dropping off to sleep. Winning each quarter is crucial to winning the day, and consistently stringing together winning days is how I'll succeed. I appreciate your point that real life isn't just about the highlight moments on social media, but the everyday moments that are often unseen. Listening to my son and wife and connecting with them in a meaningful way is what truly matters

[36:34] How did that become a unique thing for you?

I can relate to what you're saying because I had a similar experience. As an athlete, sometimes we forget about the inner beast that lies within us. But when I went through a bootcamp program, it awakened something inside me. It made me remember that I was a champion and a competitor. The program consisted of physically challenging activities like carrying an 80-pound bag for 10 miles or crawling, and pushing through those physical challenges gave me a breakthrough. It made me realize that I am capable of so much more than I thought. It's one thing to talk about it in a classroom or seminar, but it's a whole different ball game when you're actually put to the test. When you combine the physical challenges with spiritual, business, and relationship challenges, it creates a transformational experience. People who go through the program come out changed and ready to make significant changes in their lives.

[44:10] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

According to the promise that God made to the world, he would send some individuals to help people remember who they were, who they are, and who they could become. These individuals would be bold and courageous, and I believe that I am one of them. My mission is to help people unleash their full potential, especially when they have forgotten it. I have been through this process myself, and I am grateful to those who helped to liberate my soul.

Key Quotes 

[34:30-34:33] What you do is based on what you want. 

[37:01-37:05] There are so many lessons when you break something physically. 

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