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Aww Shift

Feb 26, 2021

How can we be better in Life? How can we change the course of our lives for the better? How can we be better for the people around us? But the real question is, can we be better? A lot of us have struggled in life and some have been put into the deepest and darkest part yet they managed to rise up and be better. The perfect example is our guest Mr. Justin Brien. He is the CEO of Justin Brien Coaching. His life was riddled with addiction and mental health problems but he managed to overcome those challenges and decided to be better, not only for himself but for his family as well. Today, he will share with us his journey and lessons he learned that you can apply to become a better version of yourself.

[6:11] Why should we listen to you?

They don't have to listen to me. I'm just a man with a story that I chose to share. Everybody has their own story it's just that I chose to share mine and my story started with a life riddled with mental health battles and addiction so three years ago, nobody would have probably listened to me.

[7:20] What was your next stage in life after your darkest times?

I was at a point where I started thinking if I was ever going to make it and if I was ever going to see my son grow up or if will I be there to see him have a life and at that point, it's not when I switched but I started to think I was at the point where I thought I should end it so he could have a better and healthier father.

[8:59] I have a plan and that plan was to end it and it's in what I call the three A's. It's admitting that you have a problem, accepting yourself that you need help, but then you ask for the help,

[9:32] I shifted my mindset to instead of thinking of ending it and my son gets a healthy father? What if I get better for him? I knew I was a good guy, I just couldn't stop. It was a mental game. I couldn't shift my mindset. I just couldn't get out of that dark funk so what if I can get better for him? I can't leave him. I can't do that to him so I switched my mindset.

[10:55] What have you done and achieved?

I went back to work and while I was working full time, I got to coaching certifications, my professional executive coaching certifications. I did a couple motivational speaking courses and I've spoken to around 400 people about mental health and addiction. I started volunteering at the high school with troubled teens looking for some direction.

[11:52] It's the feedback you hear and helping people like that. They kept talking about the power of why and that's what I implement into my daily life with all my decisions. I made my son my why and now it's serving others because of the feedback and the engagement you get on my content. It's an awesome feeling and that's what propels me now. To make sure that people get the help that they need to stop suffering in silence.

[12:49] Who is your work for?

It's for people who are stuck and kind of lost or seeking motivation. The one big thing is the accountability partner. They do get an accountability sheet every week and I call them out on their stuff.  It’s for people seeking guidance or some mindset shifts. Everyone's got to make shifts happen.

[13:32] Rehab

I learned a lot in rehab. It's mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, acceptance, and forgiveness. A lot of people don't realize that you got to accept the past. We have to accept it then forgive somebody. You got to forgive it's in the past, it happened. I learned in rehab that you don't have to tell them to their face. You just got to do it because it's all for you. 

[14:26] I just have it step by step. It goes into how to shift your mindset on self-confidence, self-limiting beliefs, and ends with what's your purpose, your passion, your goals, and your habits and hopefully set them up for life.

[15:02] What is your impact?

I want to impact 1 million people. That's my goal then we'll go from there but I want to be a speaker. That's what I wanted to be first. It kind of just fell into the coaching and the coaching is very rewarding.

[15:38] I want to be standing on stage and speaking to people about mental health and addiction, getting help because it's okay to ask for help. And getting rid of that man-up stigma.

[16:36] How do you teach people to navigate through their feelings?

What helped me were podcasts. I started listening to the podcast and that’s how I found vulnerable men like us who are willing to go on the air and speak to millions of people and talk about the vulnerabilities and just watching the courage and just listening to that really motivated and inspired me.

[17:40] What I tell people is people always think that people are thinking about themselves and they're not thinking about you as much as you think.


[18:10] Take responsibility for your choices because you made those choices, accept that you made those choices, and don't believe what everybody says. Just believe in you.

[19:06] Exciting moments as a coach

When my clients message me about how they are taking complete ownership of their past. It's cool to hear that kind of stuff and then you realize that this is your profession.

[21:11] Advice to the listeners

You do what you have to do. In the beginning, you're not gonna like it. It's gonna be hard. Someone once said “I'm scared of dying and meet the man I could have been up in heaven” so I kind of rephrase it like I want to be the man that I was born to be, meant to be, and proud to be.

[23:46] What promise did God make to the worlds when He created you?

 “This man is always gonna make people smile.”

Key Quotes:

[10:34-10:40] “When you get addicted to doing great, It's the same level of effort. But it turns into something amazing.

[17:12-17:15] “The world's changing. You change with it and you adapt.”

[23:06-23:08] “If you really want to grow, you got to work on your self-care.”

[26:05-26:10] “If you don't see any light at the end of the tunnel, you just keep walking.”

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