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Aww Shift

Jan 22, 2022

In this episode, our guest is Martha Krejci, the author of “Home Based Revolution.” She chose to go out into the world and become a billionaire working from home. Martha is a mother with no college education, but she has created fantastic businesses that have a positive impact on people’s lives. She’s appeared on Oprah, Fast Company, Cosmos, Huffington Post, and plenty of other shows. She guides people with her brilliant mind in marketing, building, coaching, sharing, and human social service. Stay tuned! Be ready and listen to why Martha created what she created and how it will connect to you.

[05:24] Why should we listen to you?

I’m talking to you about yourself, your future, and your potential. What are you doing in the world? How do you feel about it? What do you feel like is out there waiting for you that you haven’t tapped into yet? I’m not going to tell you about me. I don’t really care about myself. All I care about is you.

[06:10] The moment of ‘this isn’t for me’

The nine to five was great for me because, at one point, I called it my big girl job. I went to one semester of college, and that’s how I knew college wasn’t for me. Hence, I worked in the restaurant industry for 14 years.

[07:21] I started out at the bottom. And then I moved into management. I worked for GoDaddy for a little over five years, and I moved into management and leadership and was doing great. We had had my daughter in the meantime, and one day, I remember I was sitting at my cubicle.

[08:05] I had my pictures of my family, and my phone buzzed. I saw a video coming through, and it was my daughter on her feet, which had never happened before. I saw my daughter taking her first clumpy, uncertain, but totally jazzed first steps toward Daddy, who’s taking the video. I was mirroring her, but it was the next moment where everything just went crashing down. It blacked out. I just blacked out from the outside, like I was in a movie, and everything just stopped. I heard something that was not right or wrong, but “are you okay with missing this?”

[10:10] I went back to my desk, and I started thinking about my resignation. I was done with this. My family just bought a costly house. So we had a big mortgage. My husband was staying home with our daughter. He hated his job before I brought him home from work, and he stayed home with our girl. His parents had moved in with us.  So I was supporting everyone in the house. I held the insurance on the family and others that everyone went, “God! What am I gonna do without that?” And it’s so minimal after a while, you realize that’s what was keeping you there. 

[13:26] What pushed you to that level? 

It was Mike. It wasn’t him as an individual, but it’s what he did. And I like to call it speaking life. I was a terrible alcoholic, living in a basement post-divorce, had no money, and couldn’t feed myself. I remember him telling me how amazing I was and how capable I was. He would call out the gold in me, and he would get specific about things that I was really good at doing. At first, I don’t believe it. But when somebody is consistent with that, you start to believe it and see it in yourself. That’s where my power came from. That’s where my confidence came from.

[16:16] The secret sauce

I worked at GoDaddy, and I developed at that point. I realized that I had a talent that many people didn’t, and it was SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I started an SEO agency. What I did was I immediately jumped into the Chamber of Commerce and started doing a training on SEO. I quickly realized that I wanted to get people to know that I did SEO. What I realized is I was training people, and then they were like, “Cool, that makes sense. Also, I don’t want to do it. So can I hire you to do it?” I’m like, “That’s great!” I have an agency, and it just made sense. And within the first month, I was already making what I was making before the job. 

[19:01] About the book, the reason a book was written, and who’s the book perfectly fit for?

The book is written for families that are not happy with their current existence and that something can be better. I would say that most people don’t work from home or don’t start these side gigs because they don’t confidently believe that they can actually do it. Don’t search on Google about how to start a home-based business because that is a hot mess. That’s what people get wrapped up in that, and then whenever it doesn’t work for them, they feel like failures. As a result, they feel like they failed their family. There’s a whole thing psychologically that happens there that nobody deserves. And it’s not even their fault.

[22:10] Stability outside of a 9 to 5

First, they have to be open to it. They need to see other people doing it. And that in the book, I have stories of my own students that have brought their husbands home from work after spending 13 years trying to be successful as a home-based business. She is now doing great. So what I teach takes 5 to 10 hours a week. It doesn’t even take that long. So you’ve got all sorts of time outside of that. And so they need to see stories of people that it has worked for. And the moment that they see a story that looks like them, naturally, they should be able to align. 

[23:43] Doing things on your own

Just stop giving them any ammunition to how they feel about it. They’ve told you that they don’t dig it, you still have your free time, when you have your free time. You don’t need to go galivanting in front of them. The thing is, whenever we’re living with people, we want them to embrace what we’re doing and at least support us. However, that’s not always the case. Often, you’ll get the support, but it’s after winning. You have to start winning first. Hence, if they say that they’re not supporting it, you need to break away and find that hour a day or that 30 minutes a day to work towards your goals and find your support elsewhere.

[29:07] Where can people find this book if they want to get it right now?

They could get it at any Barnes and Noble. They can also go to, which has all of my links.

[29:33] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

All I hear is let my people go. And I aligned with Moses so much. And the promise God said to the world when I was created is you will have the opportunity to be free.


Key Quotes

[9:50-10:05] “In our lives, we all have these moments where we miss these things, not right or wrong, but you have to at some point say no. If you’re not okay with it, you have to say no, and you have to start something new.”

[19:39-19:44] “Don’t go searching on Google for how to start a home-based business because that is a hot mess.”

[24:09-24:22] “Whenever we’re living with people, we want them to embrace what we’re doing, and at least support us. But that’s not always the case.”


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