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Aww Shift

Feb 24, 2021

In this episode, our guest is Matthew Korban, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach Executive. He has a vast amount of experience in coaching and has been in the industry for a long time. Matthew has always been spirited to help deal other people’s worries and woes during the peak of their executive careers. As someone who have been through near the death’s door, Matthew shares to us how he defied death, found his purpose in life and sow the seed of inspiration to the rest of the world.

[05:15] Why should we listen to you?

I have a lot to share to people like myself and entrepreneurs, who thought that they were doing the correct thing and by the time they figured things out, it’s already too late.

[06:15] Matthew’s death-defying journey

I was born in Beirut, Lebanon at the day when there was a Civil War. I was running for my life for the first 13 years of existence in the midst of the war.

[07:17] My mind was all about working hard and wanting to get away from the war. I love my country; I was born there but I dislike the fact that I lived in a war. I don’t have a childhood and I did not grow up like a normal child. I knew that I will eventually have a family and I want to give my children something different.

[10:49] After 20 years of working tirelessly, my wife suggested that I should seek medical attention because there was something wrong with me.

[11:56] I was told that I have five months to live and I have a severe case of internal injury. I have been planning my entire career, lavishing the attention I get but my relationship to my family has been on the sidelines, especially my health.

[13:31] Purpose and Drive

I prayed to God to help me overcome my struggles. I took the operation and before I closed my eyes, I saw my family, my children and the people I did not have the chance to see. I saw the people that I was missing

[15:09] I realized I was doing it all wrong, especially to my colleagues, peers and top-executives who are overloading themselves with work, neglecting their health, family and everything.

[15:47] When I recovered, I went back to school to get certified as a health and life coach.

[16:13] You don’t need to sacrifice everything; you can achieve balance by doing the right thing. All you need is to seek help and not go through a phase where a doctor dictates how long you will live.

[17:17] The 3-Step Process

I have developed a process to help people, the first stage is the discovery phase. It starts with discovering why they do what they do. The second stage is to pivot once the reason was discovered and the third is to calibrate and launch.

[19:56] Ideal Clients

I would love to say everyone but no one can cater the entire populace. I specialized on top executives. It’s very professional and stubborn audience but one thing that I can relate to, because I know exactly what they need and their worries.

[21:13] When someone says he/she does not need it, it means he/she needs it. It takes real courage to ask for help. I thought being a coach is the laziest job in the world but it was hard. Business people deals with services or products, I deal with human beings and that’s a big responsibility.

[24:18] What have you done for the world?

I’m trying to make a change. I coach my clients, speak on stages and podcasts. I’m writing a book that would hopefully help everyone. There are times where I feel tired and hearing my client’s celebration of blessing made me happy. I love working with people and this is my purpose.

[27:30] What promise did God made to the world, when He created you?

I hope people remember the good changes that I made and how it impacted to their lives.

Key Quotes:

[06:36 – 06:42] “The way we live as children reflects our adulthood later on.”

[16:33 – 16:36] “I still remember that moment, fear changed me.”

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