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Aww Shift

Feb 17, 2021

Are you in the middle of a crisis? Do you want to get through life’s problems and be at peace? Problems are part of life but it can be overwhelming at times and become stressful yet there are ways on how to be calm and focused in the middle of a crisis. Our guest for today is Samantha Gordon. She is a communications expert, Yogi Expert, and the author of How to be Zen in a Crisis, and today, she will share with us all about her book and what you can apply to your life in order to be Zen in the middle of a crisis.

[5:16] What is the purpose of your Book?

It's called How to be Zen in a crisis, a practical guide for surviving and thriving during life's predicaments and even a pandemic, and the reason that I wrote this book is I had so many people reaching out to me and they ask me “how can I put my head back on straight during this crisis?”.

[6:46] I wanted people to get peaceful during the pandemic or any other life crisis because it does happen to all of us at some point and right now, it's probably happening to everyone and I wanted to reach everyone and be inclusive no matter what your faith or background is. That is the reason that I wrote this book.

[7:09] It’s a guiding handhold to get you through that point of stress to a point of resilience so you can make the best decisions for your life during the crisis and come out exponentially better.

[8:08] Why should we listen to you?

The reason that I even got into life coaching is that people wanted my advice. After I would give my advice to them, they ask me why am I not a life coach or that I should become a life coach because I’m delivering great advice and that prompted me into taking this personal development journey seriously and making it the focal point of my career.

[9:17] What are the Aww Shift Moments that shaped you?

I would say a pivotal time for me was just my upbringing when I was five years old. My family was uprooted to Australia so I was thrown into this completely different culture. 

[9:49] It was a completely different experience to be immersed in you. I think that's where really my communication expertise started at such an instant stage before I got my degree before I worked for these corporations, and before I got my television show, it really started just so simply by being brought up in a different country and having to navigate those different waters.

[11:06] I had struggles as everyone has and all of those struggles are what allowed me to create the content and the roadmap of how to be set in a crisis because you can't write about a crisis unless you've been through it. 

[11:27] It was actually such a blessing to have the pandemic though it sounds weird yet it was a blessing to have it happen because I had this information to share at this time already waiting and it was just a great opportunity to share it with other people and really give them what they needed.

[12:16] Making the Shift

Depending on what situation you're currently in, the roadmap will look different for you.

[12:54] One of the chapters in my book is all talking about how to harness your energy and transform it into something that can make your life fantastic. Once you have that mind shift change, you’ll see that the overwhelming, terrorizing experience is actually a gift and you can do what you want with a gift.

[15:08] Being Zen

It's all about getting calm so that you can make the best decisions because when you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you are not making good decisions for your life at all and your relationships are going to be affected. It’s going to be a ripple effect and it can be in a positive way. It's all about harnessing your inner peace for a practical purpose.

[15:50] It’s about trying to get Zen and realizing that we inherently are peaceful deep within. Once we find our inner self and peel away all that is not necessary and not real. What’s real is that we are inherently loving and peaceful people and that we’re a community of people that are all one and it's really about connecting to that essence of life that is important.

[17:24] Admitting that there’s something wrong

You have to first self reflect and be brave enough to self reflect. It's going to be uncomfortable but you do have to lift up the rug and have a look at everything you've shoved onto there because otherwise, it's going to explode and we want to be able to deal with it in a very methodical and peaceful way.

[18:27] If you don’t admit that there’s something wrong with you, it's not going to help you. You have to be willing to take that step and realize that this is for your own good and that change is uncomfortable at first but ultimately, it is the best thing that you can do for your life.

[19:10] You have to allow these things to pass through so that you can get to that point of enlightenment and practical resilience because you don't want to stay stuck where you are. That’s not fun.

[19:38] What are things that people should quit doing right now?

Focusing on what they can change and focusing on all the negative aspects of their circumstance that they feel are different. You need to just focus on your opportunity, and simply just see where there is an opportunity.

[20:40] If nothing bad ever happened to you in your life, you're not going to have that opportunity to help others and have this transformative experience for your own life that is going to take you from just mediocre to just absolutely fantastic.

[21:29] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I feel like my gift to the world right now is reaching everyone. I'm allowing them to find peace where they don't have that connection to spirituality. I'm giving them a pathway. My journey right now is to at least hold their hand and allow them to find peace and resilience no matter what their background is.

Key Quotes:

[7:48-7:54] “It's all about just getting peaceful so that you can have the best life that you can possibly have.”

[20:37-20:38] “When you're broken, the light gets in.”

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