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Aww Shift

Oct 25, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Shiela Bella, owner of a beauty business and an online academy called Pretty Rich Bosses. She is also the president of the American Academy of micro-pigmentation, and a huge social media person of Beauty Tips and Tricks that she puts out in the world. She has a podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts. And today, she is going to share with us how she was able to make her business flourish and also being the voice of the artists in the beauty industry.

[8:13] Why should we listen to you?

I'm a voice for a lot of people. I am a leader in the beauty industry of a lot of hairstylists, estheticians permanent makeup artists in an industry where we're not taking that seriously. We're like the forgotten people. A lot of us don't have degrees. A lot of people think what we do is just playing hair and makeup. I do feel like my perspective also is that I'm an immigrant. When my father basically takes us from poverty to a middle class, you’ll know your neighborhood in a matter of two years. That's where I get my inspiration from where you just don't ask for permission. No one's gonna give you permission. Don't wait until it feels ready. until you feel ready, just go out and do it.

[11:54]  Do you think it's an assessment you’re like a prerequisite for success?

It's definitely like a mindset. There needs to be a certain amount of rage. I think you shouldn’t confine your feelings to being angry. The world tells you feeling angry is bad, and you try and calm down. Some of the best entrepreneurs have two things in common, they get frustrated and angry. It's just about how you use the fuel. How you use the energy and what you do with it. Like when you feel bad, you should use it, you should lean into it. Don't try to get rid of it like there's a reason why you feel bad. There's a reason why you're upset.

[14:26] How can you differentiate whether it can kill you or make you?

I think you need to have something in your life that feels better than success. Something that feels better than that dopamine hit, where if that thing is being compromised or not. It’s those moments in life that tell you that something checks throughout the universe that you are more than this moment.




[19:15] How is being been ungrounded, grounded you?

A personal reminder of what's important, slowing things down. There's something really primal about doing household chores. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. My goal was not to make six figures a month, my goal was to make six figures a year. And now, we started making six figures a month within a matter of three years.

[23:25] How did you start to believe in yourself that this was possible when it never been shown to you before to be possible in your own real life?

We've kind of shown to me with the example of my father. He didn't have a degree from here. And you just had to work with what he had. My parents always told me that I should go to college, Why do I need that I didn't see that it was necessary for my success? It’s when you don’t how to fully use the resources that you have.

[27:07] Social media is a great equalizer. There are no great gatekeepers anymore. If you're a musician, you can go out and make music. You don't have to wait for somebody to tell you that you're allowed to be important.  We're living in a tremendous time in history where anybody can literally be anyone they want. You just need to decide that you're important now.

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