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Aww Shift

Aug 30, 2021

In this episode, our guest is Simone Knego. As we go through the conversation today, it's not just about this idea of an ordinary year by the thing. It's more of how do you live a cool life. Cause that's what Simone has been doing. Not only she did it herself, but she also has kids that I'm sure lucky stinking kids as a mom that's out doing these crazy cool things and six of them, this means putting goodness into the world.

[2:45]  Why should we listen to you?

Because I always have a lot to say. I'm always welcoming. And because it makes my kids laugh because it is something that I always do. I sit down next to somebody start a conversation. And honestly, the best things that I've learned and the best conversations of my life have been with strangers.

[3:31] What are some of the pivotal, or might've called pinnacle things that you teach your kids that you also teach the world?

One of the biggest things I always say to them is the worst that someone can say is no. Always ask the question. You never want to go around doubting yourself. You want to believe in yourself. So we've focused on that.

[4:58] One story where you're like this small thing led to this big thing that most people wouldn't even realize as a connection?

I think it probably led to me writing my book. I am sharing my story with other people, talking about my family, life, experiences, and people saying to me through my self-doubt.  That, Hey, you're truly inspirational. You should write a book, and I'm like me, I'm just ordinary me, but that was a pivotal moment in time for me where I realized, we're, I'm an ordinary girl, but we have these extraordinary pieces inside of us that truly impact the people around us.

[6:15] How's the book kind of built around that concept

I think it goes back to me saying like, "I'm just an ordinary girl."

[9:00] How did your trip to Kilimanjaro even come to be a thing that you decided to do?

It was a moment in time. A friend called my husband and said he had climbed it the year before he asked my husband, Hey, they're putting a group together again this year. Would you be interested in going? And of course, I say, the way he told the story, it was one, two, three, no, thank you. A lot of people would say to me, well, I could never do that. And I'm like, but do you want to do that? They're like, no. So it's not that you couldn't do it. You don't want to do it. That's different. It was great because it was not only was it a challenge, but it was also mixed with philanthropy. So we were raising money for the Live Strong Foundation, and there are 16 of us that traveled as strangers.

[10:58] How hard is that mountain to climb is like the scale of 1 to 10

For me, probably a 10, but it's not a technically challenging climb. You don't have to wear crampons. You're not going across like ice fields. The hard part is that it's very long and it's high elevation.

[15:23] What are you excited about this next year?

As the kids get older, it is taking them on more challenges. This so that they kind of see, okay, I can do this. And it's fun to do it together. So those are some of the things that get back. 

[17:20] As you have your speaking business, what have you experienced?

It goes back to sharing all parts of your story. I think it's really important when I do any kind of public speaking that I'm sharing with people that they're not alone, like the things that you know, that we are all. 

[21:39] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

That the people around me would feel kindness and compassion and that if they ever needed someone to talk to, I would be there. 

Key Quotes:

[9:39-9:43] "So it's not that you couldn't do it. You don't want to do it. That's totally different."