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Aww Shift

Apr 21, 2021

In today's episode, our guest is Christy Whitman. She is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a twelve-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. She is also an in-demand life coach, transformational leader, and a New York Times Best-Selling Author and has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel, and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. Throughout her life, she has always been driven and has been focusing her attention on attracting feelings of purpose. Today, she will talk with us about the root of our desires, the meaning of desire, and how it affects the aspects of our life.


[6:16] What made you have like this idea to write a book about desire?

All of my books are downloaded through me. When I get the inspiration, it just floods through me, and I should do it. It's like I'm so inspired that I have to take action. This particular book was just one of those things that I had a desire for something.  I had a desire for something, I manifested it, and I got it. Then my mind kicked in and told me how materialistic I was.

[8:31] How do you create desire?

Desire is born within us. That's the creation of the desire comes from a different place.


We get the idea. We are not the idea creator. It's given to us.


We have this co-creative dance between the non-physical and the physical part of us. The non-physical is the one that drops it in. It knows its audience. If it gives me an idea for something, it knows what I'm going to take and run with, and it knows what I'm not.


It does not necessarily end form, although the forms are fun to play with. It's who we become in the process of attaining that desire.

[11:39] How can you get to the point of creating desire?

It's through an outer desire or outer influence. You might share something with someone that they didn't even know was a possibility, like you can influence it, but it's an internal process.


[13:26] Does the path we are on play into the aspect of desire?

As you are opening up to your consciousness and possibilities, you're becoming more aware, you've lived life experiences, then that's when we get the idea dripped into us.


When we have that desire that feels good, that's what gives us the juice of life. That's life flowing through us, and we become more of who we are because of it.

The Lack and Limitations


Some people go," Yeah, that doesn't feel that's not what I'm aligned with anymore." There are other people that get a desire, and they just don't do anything with it, or they talk themselves out of it. If you don't take the energy of that desire or you don't run with it, you don't do focus your attention on it, feel your way into it and surrender it, then the energy of it dissipates. The person who receives the desire gets all excited about it. They might do a little couple of things, but then it dissipates, and then they get another one.


The parts of us that talk ourselves out of it are the imprinted conditions part of ourselves. That's the part of us within the lack and limitation. Those are the parts that pull us down to feeling bad.


Whenever we talk ourselves out of something, whether you want to call it laziness, or we feel we don't have what it takes, that's coming from a place of lack of limitations, not coming from co-creating with the divine in us.

Bringing Energy through the Desire


Energy never dies. If someone's bringing in energy and they're moving and flowing with the energy, then they would actually see it to fruition. But if they do not feel that energy and all of a sudden the energy dissipates, then they haven't mastered how to play with the energy of it.


Most people don't understand how to cultivate energy because it's the energy that's life-giving. If you have this desire and you feel the energy flowing through you, you cannot help but stay with it because it feels good.


If someone is not feeling the energy anymore, they feel the energy when it comes in, but they don't do the things to cultivate that energy and keep that energy going. It disappears, and then they get bored with it, then they're on to the next thing.



As humans, we try to find some spiritual breadcrumbs to get us on a path, and that is the question you asked earlier at that particular time in your life where you needed to be steered in this direction. The desire steered you in that direction.

The True Root of All Suffering 


Buddhists will say that desire is the root of all suffering. But the truth is that you have a desire and don't believe that you can have it. If you have a desire and you don't believe you can have it, then that is suffering.

 Returning back to the Creative


We create from our consciousness. What we say about the desire about ourselves leading towards a desire, we say, "I can't have it," that cuts the energy right there. If you say," I can't have it," that next thought you thought you're going to have is a bleep perspective. Everything's going to shutting down. You're not going to be able to be creative and flow energy towards it.

[29:09] How do I get out of that little headache space?

It's fusing the divine and the personality together so that you can hear that higher voice, and you can hear and feel that call that is bigger than the personality.

Key Quotes

[6:59-7:02] "Nothing gets created unless there's a desire."

[23:38-23:49] "Sometimes it's not the end result desire.  It's not having a holding, tasting feeling, the end result. It's who we became in the process moving towards that desire."

[26:08-26:10] "A kid goes for what they desire, and they'll do anything to get it."


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