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Aww Shift

Apr 8, 2019

Today in the studio we have a great human that we want to share with the world, Brandon Farbstein. Brandon is a 19-year-old professional speaker, author, and Gen-X activist. Brandon was born with a rare form of dwarfism, as in less than 100 cases have ever been reported. He doesn’t know where he’ll be or how his body will react in 10-15 years so he is using his time to the fullest and realizing his purpose right now. Stay tuned to hear his incredible story of perseverance and check out his book, “Ten Feet Tall!”

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Brandon’s story
  • Shifting from the victim to the victor mindset
  • Turning the Aw Shift moments that suck into fuel for triumph
  • Understanding that human beings are not meant to do things alone
  • How to pull yourself out of a life funk
  • Benefits of taking control of every aspect of your life
  • Addiction in the most productive way
  • Playing small not allowing you to advance in life
  • Making your daily input positive on your mentality


Links to resources:

Brandon Farbstein

Ten Feet Tall

Brandon Instagram

Brandon Facebook

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