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Aww Shift

Jul 18, 2019

The legacy that you leave behind is how you will be remembered after you are gone. Is there anything more important? Ken Wimberly is in the studio today to talk about just that. From humble beginnings to his stint in the military, to his time in the restaurant business, to his time in the real estate business, all the way to his current attempt to use his laundry mats to improve communities, Ken has ridden the roller coaster of life. Throughout his journey, he has journaled to his children about their lives and lessons that he wanted to leave about life as he experienced it. His gift to the world is his Legacy of Love project to save those moments with your kids and pass on something really special to your family! Check it out in the links below!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Ken’s story
  • Mistakes to avoid when starting your own business
  • Using laundry mats to really touch and improve the community
  • Leaving messages of love to your children to use
  • Taking the time to write down your most joyous moments with the ones you love
  • Experiencing moments of happiness again years down the road
  • Having a perspective on life of love and gratitude
  • The next enjoyment level once you have reached the peak of success
  • Importance of creating a track record of your legacy
  • Finding something that resonates with you and take action


Links to resources:

Use the discount code TRUCKS to get 20% off the Legacy of Love app!

Check out Ken on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Laundry Luv

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