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Aww Shift

Sep 2, 2019

Creating freedom means something different for everyone in this crazy world, but it always means having the chance to do whatever you want. Elizabeth Hartke, a business and freedom strategist, is in the studio today to tell you about scaling up in life and business through her unique life experience. People have so many viewpoints on what success in life really is, but only find disappointment when they don’t reach that ideal reality. Elizabeth helps people focus on their journey and what scaling up can actually look like in their specific lives. Sometimes in life, you work hard for something your whole life only to realize that all that work doesn’t align with your dream. Listen to the whisper in your gut and chase that reality!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Elizabeth’s story
  • Coming back to the original dream
  • Elizabeth’s aw shift moment into the marketing world
  • Learning to listen to the whisper in your gut
  • People who are addicted to that struggle and why they “can’t” leave
  • Getting back in touch with your value system
  • Leaning into community or mentors when you hit a wall
  • Becoming the person who is capable of maintaining success
  • Keeping things in alignment while taking care of yourself
  • Knowing the go-to things that you are supremely confident selling
  • Serving the world from a generosity standpoint


Links to resources:

Boston Globe

Elizabeth Hartke

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