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Aww Shift

Oct 29, 2021

Mark Bowness – We Build Tribes

In this episode we have Mark Bowness with us who is an amazing person to be with. He is the founder of We Build Tribes and here with us today to share his journey alongside with his struggles on building the tribe of his own. 

[7:54] Why Should We Listen to you?

I'm passionate about building tribes and building communities that really make a bigger difference in the world. Our time matters and it is important the we spend it with the people who are important to us, people that we want to be with and people that you enjoy to be with.               

[8:55] How did the path looked like to you? 

I came up with a very crazy idea, the idea is to lease a 200-acre Island in Fiji, the other side of the world, then invite people from all over the world online to become part of the tribe I was building.

[12:59] Setbacks and things that slow you down

I realized I was hitting rock bottom when I began to see the revelation of my purpose. 

[14:27] Difference on how you approach opportunities over time

I think it's difficult to break the norm of the routine, there are only a few who wants to break away from the norm and approach opportunities differently.

[16:43] Transitioning to success 

I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that not long earlier, I googled quickest and most painless way to die. It made me realize how many people set their emotions on google. It came to me that we needed to have something where we can set our emotions out or have each other's back and work as a tribe.

[18:55] Road block to building a successful tribe

I think it is confidence, it really does go back to why would people want to learn from me. it's always the challenge on moving forward and thinking ahead. 

[23:45] First Steps on creating a tribe

The first place that we teach people to build tribes on is on Facebook groups, we gather everyone, share ideas, and made it a place where you can search and find your communities. 

[23:31] What promise did God make to the world when He created you? 

I just love being unstoppable in my life and achieving everything that I've been created to achieve. And, and it's an example to show to the world that, we can either just live life mundane.


[8:15-8:22] The way to get the most out of that time on planet earth by hanging around with people who matter most to who really connect with us at a deeper level.

[13:53-14:02] “There's nothing stopping me from achieving that level of success, I became addicted to finding out what I could do on my own and who I was created to be.”

To reach and more information regarding we build tribes follow the group and go to their website: 

Facebook group: We Build Tribes