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Aww Shift

Jun 28, 2021

Matt Rosenthal – Mindcore 


In this episode we have Matt Rosenthal with us who is a technology and business strategist which is huge for the world that we live in. He is the CEO of Mindcore an IT company that allows people to kind of take back control the technology, the things we're using every single day to streamline their business. He is with us today to share his grit through success, how he sees opportunities along the way, and his experiences in reaching what he has now. 


[16:06] Why should we listen to you?

I've learned a lot of lessons in my life. And even though I am an IT and business strategist, we can talk business underneath all that, it all came from the mistakes that I have made in life. These mistakes are what makes the success that I have, I have learned from what I did and turn things around. 


[17:18] Aww Shift Bad Moments

I have been on a stage on my life where I did everything to make money, I did all the kinds of jobs and looking back I can say aww shift. I had to go around things in order for me to get by. The mistakes that I have made these times were the foundation on what I know and achieved today. Without all the ups and downs I would not have what I have now. I have the vision, I have the dream, I'm the process guy, the workflow guy, I see it and I can make this business happen. 


[22:56] Perspective of Opportunity 

I look and interact with people differently. I've grown tremendously. It's actually pretty amazing how you change and see opportunities in a different way since you have learned so much in life. Having this growth affects how you would interact with people.


[26:48] Getting the Grit to your kids without them going through the same pain

They see my commitment. They are part of me in my osmosis, I can already see them having these characteristics of being committed to the things that they get into. They will never learn as much as I did because they have a small room of error and will not go through the hardships that I have. 


[34:26] What’s God Promise to the World When He Created You?

I'd give back and impact other people's lives.


[17:57-18:13] “Now I can look back and say wow, they taught me so much and I've had those moments almost from grateful for all the things that I've done in the past just to make money whereas now I'm in this whole other phase of my life and my career and I do get to look back and say aww shift”

[21:33-21:36] “The company that I have today is the company that I wanted that I always envisioned.”

[26:37-26:41] “I just finished up like a year ago, trying to make sure I'm like better and healthier than I've ever been.” 


To connect with Matt Rosenthal find him on LinkedIn: